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For Stroke supporters

Stroke patient groups and/or stroke patient support groups in member countries:



World Stroke Organization (WSO) and the Stroke Support Organizations (SSO)

The WSO is committed to supporting the growth of stroke support organizations (SSO) – non-governmental organizations that address the concerns of stroke survivors and their caregivers. SSOs are invaluable as they bring an important perspective on improved stroke care services, provide relevant information and peer support in the community, as well as: raising awareness about stroke and the need for better resources; supporting Government and WSO initiatives to help prevent stroke; and participating in stroke research. A toolkit has been produced to assist those wishing to create an SSO 


The World Stroke Campaign seeks to unite and empower the global stroke community by providing information, education and in building effective and targeted partnerships that could have a positive impact in the fight against stroke and long-term support. World Stroke Day is commemorated annually by WSO member organizations and partners worldwide on 29th October with a focus on prevention, treatment or support. Stop Stroke. Act Now. 


With over 4,000 members and 60 society members, representing over 50,000 people with a commitment to stroke worldwide, WSO has an active membership base comprising physicians, healthcare professionals, scientific societies and SSOs. Join the global fight against stroke by becoming a 




Philippine General Hospital's Department of Rehabilitation Medicine (DRM) Stroke Support Group


Website: DRM Stroke Support Group (

Singapore National Stroke Association

The Singapore National Stroke Association (SNSA) is the national support group for stroke survivors and caregivers. Registered under the Societies Act in December 1996, SNSA was granted Charity Status in November 1998. SNSA is a member of the Health Endowment Fund and a member of the National Council of Social Service since March 1999.

SNSA was formed by the very people they serve – stroke survivors and caregivers, with guidance from doctors and other health professionals. Our missions are supporting the stroke community, raising stroke awareness and being an advocate for stroke in Singapore.

SNSA strives to offer an avenue of help, support and information to stroke survivors and caregivers in their hour of need, and to raise and promote public awareness and education of stroke, through:

·         Encouraging and facilitating post-stroke adjustment, support, research and other activities relating to the prevention, diagnosis, causes and treatment of stroke;

·         Developing projects and activities to provide support for post-stroke adjustment and collaborating with relevant public and private groups, bodies or agencies in providing such activities (e.g., counselling and support group meetings);

·         Building up community support for stroke patients and their caregivers (e.g., increasing awareness in the community about the problems faced by stroke survivors and their caregivers, promoting professional/volunteer service involvement in caring for stroke survivors); and

·         Establishing a stroke resource centre to gather, compile and disseminate information regarding the causes, prevention, research programmes, support groups, bodies or agencies and available aids for stroke and post-stoke adjustment, and establishing public educational programs within these fields.

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National Stroke Association of Sri Lanka

Email contact:


Stroke Support Organization of Sri Lanka

Stroke support group of the National Hospital of Sri Lanka was initiated from January 2017. We regularly conduct activities of this group once per month as at present, We are still in the process of establishing Stroke Support Organization of Sri Lanka. I am hopeful that we will be able to have a well established stroke support Organization by the end of this year.


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National Stroke Association of Malaysia

The National Stroke Association of Malaysia (NASAM) is South East Asia’s first non-profit organization that offers rehabilitation services for stroke survivors and support to their  families.

Its Founder Chairman, Janet Yeo, founded NASAM after her remarkable recovery from a stroke in 1995. The association was registered under the Societies Act in November 1996.  Janet’s story was highly inspirational and drew overwhelming response from the public, especially from stroke patients who wanted to learn about the success factors led to her remarkable recovery.

As stroke is the largest cause of disability in most developed countries and in Malaysia, Janet Yeo recognized the absolute necessity for a stroke organization that would offer a lifeline to stroke victims.   And more importantly, she wanted to give stroke survivors the opportunity for a second lease to life.

NASAM is a strong advocate of ‘There is life after stroke’. Post stroke rehabilitation to every survivor is critical in ensuring that they can return to as normal a life as possible within the limitations of their disabilities. It is our long term mission to make stroke rehabilitation accessible to as many stroke survivors as possible.

The primary aims of NASAM are therefore two-fold; firstly to improve the quality of life of stroke survivors and their families and secondly, in the long term, help reduce the risk of stroke amongst Malaysians through stroke awareness and prevention advocacy. Stroke is now the 2nd leading cause of death in Malaysia and is one of the leading causes of long-term disability. It is a disease that attacks 17 million people worldwide every year and in Malaysia alone, over 50,000 new cases are reported yearly. NASAM’s stroke campaigns seek to bring awareness to today’s critical reality that 1 in 6 people worldwide, will be stricken with stroke in their lifetime. The worldwide statistics for stroke are alarming - in every 2 seconds, someone worldwide, regardless of age and gender, will be stricken with stroke and in every 6 seconds, someone worldwide, dies from stroke.

Early rehabilitation to reduce long-term dependency is therefore one of the main objectives of NASAM. To this end, the visionary aim of NASAM is to establish a stroke specific rehabilitation centre in every major town throughout Malaysia and to avail stroke rehabilitation to as many stroke survivors as possible, especially the poor and those living in rural areas. Since the formation of its first centre in Petaling Jaya, NASAM has grown significantly and through the support and generosity of the Malaysian public, it has spread its wings to eight other centres  in Ampang, Penang, Ipoh, Malacca, Johor Bahru, Kuantan, Kedah and Kota Kinabalu.

Currently, over 400 stroke survivors attend therapy sessions daily at NASAM’s 9 centres and many have discovered that there is life after stroke. NASAM looks into the physical, psychological and emotional aspects of stroke survivors and provides holistic rehabilitation therapy with the aim of getting them sufficiently recovered to return to mainstream life.


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Youtube         : NASAM PJ


The Hong Kong Stroke Association (新健社)

Introductions (in Chinese Only)




Contact Details:

G/F, Lei Cheng Uk Estate, Hau Lim House

Tonkin Street, Sham Shui Po, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR (c/o Community Rehabilitation Network)

Tel: 2307-8257

Fax : 2307-8573

Email :




Brain Care (腦有心) (Hong Kong)

Introduction (Chinese only)


Contact Details:

Tel: 2794-8811

Fax: 2794-8877



Address: G/F, Wang Lai House, Wang Tau Hom Estate, Wong Tai Sin, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

Self Help Group for the Brain Damaged (慧進會) (Hong Kong)


Self Help Group for the Brain Damaged was formed by patients, their families and volunteers in 1993.


Aims and objectives

The Group aims at reaching the purpose of mutual support, providing relevant information and caring techniques about brain injury, offering a supportive channel for the patients and their families to express themselves, as well as helping the patients to enlarge their social network. The objectives are:

- to develop the spirit of self-help and mutual help among the members, enhance their morale, and encourage them overcome the difficulties together

- to assist the persons with brain injury and their families to accept and face the illness positively, to enable them to increase understanding of one another so as to improve their communications


- to broaden members’ knowledge and information on brain injury and share rehabilitation experience so as to help them to reintegrate in the society

Contact Details:

Tel: 2361 6997

 Fax: :2390 7455


Address:G/F, Hau Lim House, Li Cheng Uk Estate, Kowloon  (c/o Community Rehabilitation Network)


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